kylie hodges

The internet is exhausting!

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I am often overwhelmed by all the people I am NOT- the fitness expert with the perfect body, the foodie who whips up foie gras on a Tuesday, the fashionista with 3 outfit changes a day. I want to be all of them. But I just can’t keep up.

Honestly, guys, I think we’re all just trying our freaking best to make it through the day. And I’m right there with ya! I’m a TV hostess with the mostest on my plate (LITERALLY- I <3 FOOD): working as a TV host, HGTV Producer, Stella & Dot stylist, long-distance Auntie, full-time lover. I live in West Hollywood with my HSSPBF (Handsome Smart Sweet Perfect BoyFriend), am a proud Midwesterner (born and raised in Wisconsin!), and love talking to strangers just a little too much. I’m giving this Hollywood life a good earnest college try.

So join me along for the wild ride behind the scenes of the red carpet, cook with me in the kitchen, and DIY with me as I update my apartment for a West Elm look on a Goodwill budget. You’ll be seeing things through my eyes, though, which will leave you BLONDE-SIDED!

Peace, Love, and (occasionally) Alcohol,


Confetti Blow