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DIY Glitter Headboard

November 3, 2015 , In: Apartment , With: No Comments

I have a hoarding problem.

Not the fun serious kind that will get me discovered on TLC,  but the kind where I take my ritual lunchtime walk around the block of my office, and I see furniture sitting on the side of the curb. Leaning against a filthy mattress, of course. My first thought: “Oh! Look! A diamond in the rough. I’m going to take that.”

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I have one simple rule when it comes to digging for furniture in the trash- do NOT take anything upholstered. That is how you get bed bugs. I got bed bugs once during my year driving the Wienermobile from this awful motel in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. My arms and legs were covered in itchy little bites for over a month. NOT WORTH THE RISK, PEOPLE!

I knew that this headboard looked too big for a queen bed, but size doesn’t matter- right, ladies? It was free and in decent shape and it was now mine. At the time, I was living in an apartment where I couldn’t paint the walls, so I needed to find another way to make my bedroom sparkle- LITERALLY! So, I decided to make this video as I walk you through this super-simple-even-a-baby-could-do-it DIY project that has now made my bedroom fit for a drag queen.

Just to recap, here’s a list of materials I used:

  • 1 salvaged wooden headboard found anywhere!
  • 5 paper grocery bags
  • 6 – 10.25 oz cans of Rust-Oleum Silver Glitter Spray paint (found in any hardware store, or look at Home Depot where they have 6-pack deal!)
  • 1 – 10.25 oz can of Rust-Oleum Glitter Clear Sealer
  • all purpose cleaner, and a rag


Make sure to clean the headboard completely before you apply any paint. I used an all-purpose surface cleaner and gently wiped every crevice and surface. Furniture sitting on the street gets dirty! Once the headboard has been cleaned, let it sit over night to dry completely.

Next, find the space where you want to paint your headboard. Cut the grocery bags along the seams so they lay flat on the ground. Lay the headboard face up on top of the grocery bags. If you are painting outside (you should, or in a ventilated garage), make sure it is NOT windy outside. Otherwise, say goodbye to your paint.

Finally, start painting! Spray about a foot away from the headboard, and keep the spray paint can moving- don’t spray it while holding your arm in one place! Otherwise you will have big runny globs of glitter in some spots, and sparse glitter in others. Let each coat (1 coat = 1 can) dry for about an hour before moving onto the next. Once you feel like your headboard is glittery enough, use the sealant spray to COMPLETELY and evenly cover the headboard. This will keep the glitter from falling off whenever you touch it. I recommend 2 coats of this stuff. The last thing you want is glitter dandruff (actually, that doesn’t sound too bad).


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