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Golden Globes 2016

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Awards Season just might be my favorite time of year in LA. We treat watching awards shows like how the rest of America treats watching the Superbowl. You just have to share it with friends! Well, this year I got the chance to attend the Golden Globes for AfterBuzz TV, and I decided to treat it like going to prom.

Quick deets:

I contacted my friend Bethany, who is a make-up artist- you might follow her Instagram, @Glampacked! If you don’t, do it now. This girl has got skillz. Allow me to gush over her amazing work by showing you a million pictures of my face. Not sure what I’m obsessed with more- the eyes or that lip color!






Big thanks to Bethany for her amazing work, and for the beautiful photos! For a complete list of products used, check her Instagram @Glampacked.

Now, please excuse me while I dump these poor quality cell phone photos on here, but it’s all I have from the awards! The red carpet was HUGE. The after party was POPPIN. And everyone looked beautiful! At one point I saw Eva Longoria, Taylor Kinney and Gerard Butler all talking together and my brain nearly exploded by the beautiful trifecta of people in front of me.



Fun fact: those are my legs WITH a spray tan. I’m about as white as it gets. I love Victoria’s Secret self-tanning spray, but they don’t make it anymore 🙁


My selfie game was STRONG that night. (Champagne made me do it)




My date for the evening, Jason Ikeler. Aren’t those baby blues dreamy?


Meeting Catt Sadler was HUGE for me. She is WONDERFUL! I’ve admired her for so long, and she’s even more gorg and sweet in person. Her friendship with Damsel in Dior is my legit friendship goals. (I know, I know, poor grammar. But how does one actually use “friendship goals” in a sentence, anyway? Teenagers, help me.)


I was so excited to meet Keegan from Key and Peele, I froze and forgot if he was Key or Peele. Again, champagne’s fault.


Turns out Matt McGorry has two real legs! And he’s a feminist! What more could a girl ask for?!


Finally home, and in an exhausted state I managed to take one selfie with Omar. Hoping one day he’ll be my date to the Golden Globes! 🙂


I documented the entire night on my Snapchat – username TheKylieHodges. If you didn’t follow me there, boy did you miss out! I believe later in the evening, after my umpteenth glass of champagne, I snapchatted a photo of Emmy Rossum’s butt. She looked amazing.

With the way the awards panned out, I have a feeling Leo DiCaprio is going to clean up at the Oscar’s. What do y’all think? Who did you want to win? And more importantly, what would you have worn if you came with me to the awards?

Happy Awards Season! XO


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