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What’s all the HOOPLA about Stella & Dot?!

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Of all the people in my life, I might be the most surprised that I became a Stella & Dot stylist. Sales was never a career I sought out. Yet in July, I found myself booking a last minute trip to Las Vegas to meet 3,000 strangers for a weekend of fun, fashion, and fearlessness with a company I had JUST joined on a whim.

Welcome Gorgeous

Honestly? I became a Stella & Dot stylist for the discount. A completely selfish reason! But my WHY I stay a stylist is so much more.

Stella & Dot is an incredible conversation starter. Wearing my favorite necklace out in public boosts my confidence, and easily starts a convo between me and the grocery store cashier. It forces me to go out of the way and talk to strangers- which ALWAYS results in me feeling better, happier, glad that I reached out and made another friend. It gives me joy! #SDJOY 🙂

Hoopla Itzel & Kylie

Stella & Dot stylists refer to each other as Stella sisters. And it’s true! I spent a weekend in Las Vegas at their HOOPLA convention reconnecting with a very dear friend (and now fellow stylist!), Itzel, who was my partner in crime for a year while driving the Wienermobile. We bonded over our love of gorgeous jewelry (as most girls do) and motivated each other to succeed throughout the year. We watched a fashion show, partied with the CEO’s on a rooftop club, and didn’t sleep a wink.

Fashion Show

With Stella & Dot, I can afford to style myself on camera. With Stella & Dot, my “job” is having fun drinking wine and accessorizing other women. With Stella & Dot, the sky’s the limit. All it took was one weekend in Las Vegas to realize that.

Hoopla What's Your Why

My “why”. I am confident my grade school teachers will be very disappointed in my penmanship here.

All photos courtesy of Stella & Dot.

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